A Better Way Forward

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It's a shame that communities all across America are suffering steep funding cuts in education and youth enrichment programs.

The trend is clear: We can no longer rely on traditional tax-based and charitable giving to fully fund these vital programs. However, this shift also brings tremendous opportunities for the Business Community and Youth Programs to join hands --- a better way forward that creates sustainable funding. More than ever, today's consumers want to do business with companies who take real action promoting the welfare of their local community. Likewise, businesses are increasingly drawn to Corporate Citizenship initiatives that result in equitable, measurable, and sustainable benefits for all.

Welcome to Pomeroy Equitable Solutions, where our unique, next-generation platform provides real solutions for youth enrichment programs and measurable benefits to our business partners. We'd love you to join us in helping our communities flourish.

Peter J. Riggio, CEO

We Believe

  • A responsible and successful business is obligated to support the communities in which they operate
  • High-profile personalities, national brands, and retailers can combine their circles of influence to create a unique and powerful branding opportunity
  • Consumers prefer to support businesses who actively support their local community
  • By providing the resources that help sustain youth music, arts, and sports programs, Pomeroy Equitable Solutions, along with our partners, will help communities and their youth flourish